About Us

Mallworld – Mall & PROPERTY Management PROFESSIONALS

We make great malls and make our Landlord’s dreams come true.
We are “out of the box”!

We do things the DUBASHway

Dubash was a well established name in the naval ship agency industry of Pakistan synonymous to “excellence” from 1855 to 2015. That’s all we did…strive for excellence. In a world rife with monotony and similarity, we work with colors, keeping our boundaries in sight. Not to hold on to them, but to break through them. Here, rather than working to be different amongst all, we look through the eyes of the target audience to see from their perspective. So we can understand what stands out to them! And that is what makes it easy for us to break the clutter for our customers. That’s what we excelled in.

We do everything passionately, with precision and immense planning. We do things with integrity and quality. Here too, we shall strive to be the best.

We go as per our Mission, Vision and Values Statement. By doing things the Dubash Way , we take our Mission, Vision and Values Statement very seriously. We are proud to share the results of our work. We are candid, we help you understand better who we are, what we do and why we do it. We help you reach the skies with your property.

Perhaps you’ll even get a glimpse of what we will be every year building and growing all the way! We work very hard, we deliver our Mission. We seek new frontiers, new challenges. We go where no man has gone before. We take calculated risks. No matter what we face and how hard we toil, WE REMAIN COMMITTED, PERFORM WITH INTEGRITY AND QUALITY AND YES, we are proud of what we achieve.

We DIG, we DISCOVER. We DECIPHER. We strive to be the best, we shall strive to be No.1 here as well. We remain united with our shareholders, investors, our valued customers, our tenants, our mall owners and most importantly, our work!

This is our way. The DUBASH Way !

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